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Treatment Centers for Teen Girls Among the Top Residential

Solstice East is a top Residential treatment center caring for females ages 14-17. Our campus, nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains just outside of Asheville, NC, offers equine therapy, an accredited academic program, plus therapeutic programming to treat a wide selection of trauma and disorders. Our clients get a unique combination of approaches stemming from both holistic and traditional health remedies that are age-specific and gender. We work to empower our students with the capability to believe in themselves by providing support, the resources, and motivation required to market these beliefs for life. The Solstice mission is to Support teenagers, and their families, in creating excellence in relationships travels. Through relationship-based programming, we assist pupils rebuild and restore healthy relationships with peers, their families, teachers, and employees. We are a privately owned Treatment centre incorporating techniques that are healing to help our customers address a variety of psychological and behavioral issues. In Solstice East, your teen will be supported by a passionate team of experts that are therapeutic who have extensive training and experience working with addiction, loss, stress, trauma, and unhealthy behaviours. We're a proven leader in successfully handling teenaged students. In Solstice East, we are: Pros in Utilizing a Variety of Relationship-Based Therapeutic Programming Innovators in Designing a Multi-Faceted Approach to Trauma Clinical Professionals Treating An assortment of Issues Located on a Beautiful 25-Acre Campus in the Blue Ridge Mountains
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